Stay Motivated to Work Out This Winter

Stay motivated in winterWith Hurricane Caroline due to hit our shores later this week, it’s going to be even harder than usual to stay motivated to work out during the cold, wet and bleak winter mornings.  It’s a tough shout between staying warm and cosy in your bed and getting up, popping on the gym kit and heading out into the dark for your regular routine.

When the alarm does go off and you’re tempted to press snooze and roll back under the covers, here’s a thought to keep you motivated:  remember all the hard work you have put during the rest of the year and how great you feel after a workout!!

If that doesn’t work, don’t despair!  The fitness instructors at Vitality Health & Fitness have come up with some tactics to help you stay motivated to work out during the winter months.

Tip 1 – Stay Motivated by Doing Something you actually like

If you dread working out, then there’s no way you’re going to keep up with your routine in winter.  So instead of your normal fair-weather regime, try doing something else that you actually enjoy.  It’s a fact, if you enjoy working out then you’ll want to be up and out of the door as soon as your alarm goes off.  So, if you normally enjoy running but it’s too cold, wet and slippery to enjoy at the moment, consider a short-term gym membership for example.  Alternatively, go for an early morning swim or exercise class to help keep you training indoors.  If you don’t switch to something that motivates you, then you’ll make every excuse under the sun to stay under the covers.

 Tip 2 – Try Working out at Home

If the thought of even going out the gym or pool in your car on a cold winter morning is too much to contemplate, then try building up a sweat in the comfort of your own home.   If you don’t have any kit at home, then just follow a YouTube video (there are thousands of them available) for workouts of different lengths and intensity.

As long as you keep moving, you’re doing your body good (and you will feel nearly as good as a full gym workout, provided there is no slacking!).

Tip 3 – Train with a Friend

No matter what the time of year, you will always find it easier to train with a friend or work colleague.  Even if you feel like turning over and going back to sleep when the alarm goes, you will feel guilty if you don’t get up in time to train with your mate.  What’s more, he or she will on hand to call you to wake up if it looks like you’ve slept through the alarm.

Training with a friend makes you more accountable as you won’t want to let your buddy down!

Tip 4 – Invest in some new workout clothes

If you’re still determined to train outdoors, then fight off the cold, and look good too, in some new, warmer workout clothing.  New clothes give everyone a new confidence no matter what the occasion, and working out is no different.

Tip 5 – Work out before or after work

If you’re getting up for work anyway, why not just head out an hour early and hit the gym before work (or alternatively work out straight from work rather than going home first).  You could also consider training during your lunch hour too.  By creating a routine for yourself, you’re far more likely to stick to it and, by integrating your work out into your normal daily timetable, you’re more likely to stick with it and less likely to bail.

Tip 6 – Try something new and exciting

If you’ve been doing the same type of workout every day for months and haven’t been getting as excited about it, switch things up. If you’re a dedicated runner, try a cycling class instead; or if you swim regularly, why not try rowing for a change.   Similarly, if you go the gym, mix up your workout with some exercise classes like those run at Vitality instead of always training on your own.

By giving yourself a change, you’ll surely get through the cold months and beyond, possibly with some new skills under your belt too.

Tip 7 – Keep Eating Healthily

You’ve probably heard this over and over again, but you won’t get as much out of your workouts if you’re not eating properly.

We all tend to treat ourselves during the winter months, but it doesn’t always have to chocolates and stodgy comfort food. By eating a healthy, balanced diet all year round, you’ll feel far more energised and ready to carry on working out no matter what the weather.  Check out Vitality’s Health & Nutrition advice on the gym website for guidance on how to eat healthily.

Vitality Health & Fitness

If you’re still stuck in a bit of a winter rut and struggling to get motivated to work out, why not visit Vitality Health & Fitness in Port Talbot and speak to a member of staff for advice and help.  Vitality boasts state of the art gym equipment, a dedicated weights area plus a whole host of classes running throughout the week.   To find out more visit the website or call us today on the number below:

Stay motivated

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