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Great success story from our member Darren Gibbs who lost over 13kg in 4 months

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Vitality Member Success Story

Many of Vitality’s members have achieved phenomenal weight loss or increased fitness levels since they joined the gym, including 36-year old Darren Gibbs who joined in Vitality Health & Fitness in 2016

Darren’s Story

Darren’s Goal: to lose weight and inches and maintain muscles mass in his legs and arms

Darren’s achievements:

  • Weight loss: 13kg in 4 months
  • Inches lost: 3.5 inches in 4 months


He achieved these goals by being disciplined, completing the homework tasks and using all the tips and tools he was given.




Darren’s Says:

After trying lots of different diets and gym work outs, struggling to lose the weight, and eating lots of chicken and rice, I heard about Daniel Morgan and Thomas Daniel who runs EatPT from Vitality Health & Fitness in Port Talbot. And thought Id give it a go.

 What a great programme. The team doesnt just give you advice on the best foods to eat, but also give you the tools and knowledge to be able to lose the weight and, most importantly, to maintain it.

 Gym sessions with the trainers were challenging but enjoyable and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this programme and the equipment and facilities at Vitality to anyone looking to lose weight or generally to get fit and in shape.

If you want to find out how the team at Vitality can help you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, call us on the number below to book a free trial:

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