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Vitality Member Success – Julie’s Story

Another Vitality Member success story from Julie;

Julie’s Story

Julie’s goal was to get fit and shape so she could be sure to be around for her children for a long time to come.  Once she started training properly and following a healthy diet, her objective switched to gaining muscle and keeping a great shape.

Julie’s Achievements:

Dropped her weight from 17 st 10lbs to 11st 3lbs by following a training and nutrition progamme

Dropped from a size 22 to size 12 by introducing weight training into her training programme.

Julie Says:

I started at Vitality in April 2015, I had got to the stage where I couldn’t walk up the stairs without being out of breath so something had to change … I have 2 younger children and wanted to be around for a long time for them.

My days basically consisted of no exercise , very little fluid and not eating all day till tea time then snacking all night , at my heaviest I was 17st 10lb but I had no idea where to start to change my habits or how to exercise.

I joined Vitality Health & Fitness and went daily for weeks  but nothing changed. I thought  to myself “I give up”!! but I spoke to one of the trainers, Dean, and he helped me with a nutrition plan and exercise programme.

As soon as I changed my diet the weight started to come off ; I ate 3 regular meals and drank water through out the day. I eventually started going into the classes and my fitness level improved massively ! I got down to 11st 3lb and from a size 22 to a size 16, and I was happy with that. I really wanted to gain muscle too but again had no idea where to start. I poke to Tom at the gym and he helped me with a strength programme.

My weight changed again and I gained to 12.5 but dropped to a size 12. I definitely no longer weigh as it’s not an issue for me. My next goal is to continue to gain muscle as that’s what I love doing. I couldn’t possibly imagine going back to how I was before joining Vitality. There’s amazing support here from everyone and not just the trainers. I’m always asking for help, it’s how you learn ! I have an amazing group of friends here , it’s the best decision I ever made and completely changed my life. 

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So You’re Too Busy to Eat Healthy Foods

We hear it so many times among our friends, family and our Vitality gym members; I’m far too busy to eat healthy foods as it takes too much time, thought and preparation. So here’s how the team at Vitality Health & Fitness in Port Talbot suggest you do it:

Tip # 1 – Plan your healthy meals

This is not only key to eating a healthy, wholesome diet but will also save you stress and money in the long run.  By planning your meals, you are less likely to be tempted by a mid-week takeaway or to grab a pasty and packet of crisps from the local bakery.   Many foods can be prepared in advance or overnight without any impact on texture or flavour.  Salads or soups are ideal for lunch and can be stored in the fridge to keep fresh.  By simply planning and preparing these two meals will not only save you time but will take away the stress when it comes to fretting about what you’re going to eat at midday without piling on the calories.

Also, by bringing your own lunch to work, selecting options like salads, soups or wraps, you not only keep your life simple but you will save money in the long run as you’re planned and prepared (not opting for the most convenient but costly choices).

Tip # 2 – Step Away from your work place

If we’re office bound, many of use tend to sit at the computer to eat our lunch; or if our job takes us out and about, it’s too easy to pop into the drive thru’ for a burger and chips!  Our best advice is to step away from your workplace or get out of the car and think about what you are going to eat.  Avoid wolfing your lunch down and enjoy the textures and flavours of each element of your pre-prepared meal.   You can also try chewing your food more which will make you taste the food in a different way and enjoy it more.  This can also help with portion control as you will be enjoying each mouthful without hurrying onto the next!

Tip # 3 – Introduce Healthy Snacks

The types of snacks you choose are key when it comes to healthy eating are important.  If you have an early start each day, you are bound to start to feel hungry by mid-morning. So, it’s always a good idea to have a selection of healthy snacks on hand to curb those hunger pains and to stop you getting hangry! Greek yoghurt with mixed berries, a handful of mixed nuts, celery sticks with cream cheese or slices of apple topped with peanut butter … these are all healthy, nutritious snacks that are full of flavour and will fill you up between meals.

Tip # 4 – Quick Cook Methods

Thanks to modern technology, we have the tools available to make quick meals or to plan in advance. You can use the microwave to cook potatoes, vegetables, fish or to heat up meals you have prepared when planning for the week for a quick but healthy evening meal.

Slow cookers are amazingly practical as you can throw in the ingredients for a nutritious soup or tasty casserole before leaving for work…. and come home to a pre-prepared meal that is ready to serve.

Tip # 5 – Eating out healthily

Most of us enjoy a meal out at our favourite restaurant but eating out doesn’t mean you have to ditch healthy foods for less healthy choices.  If you’re going somewhere new, check out the menu before booking so you have a clear idea of what the healthier options are; psychologically you will have made your choice in advance (and don’t be tempted to change it last minute)!  It’s a good bet to go for vegetable based dishes with a salad starter.  This may sound boring but it needn’t be!  Your salad can be made up of all sorts ingredients other than a limp lettuce or soggy tomato and you can add a simple vinaigrette (no cream) for additional flavours.  For your main course, if possible go for grilled or baked options rather than fried and replace chips or other potatoes with extra vegetables – simple!

Vitality Helath & Fitness

At Vitality, we encourage our members to eat as healthily as possible as part of their ongoing fitness programme.  We also offer a variety of healthy snacks and meals, including protein shakes, from our relaxing café area.  What’s more, we have a health and nutrition page on our website full of advice and guidance.

To find out more about Vitality and to sign up for a free pass, call us today on the number below:

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