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A Local Gym is More Rewarding

Local gymSince getting fit and in shape escalated as a trend in the 1980’s, more and more large, corporate gyms started to pop up all over the UK.  But these days, as the corporate venues become more and more faceless and price driven, then people are switching to local health and fitness centres.  The reason?  When someone choose a local gym they generally find that they have a far more rewarding training experience.

With this in mind, at Vitality Health & Fitness in Port Talbot we actively strive to ensure that we have the best equipment, the most popular and effective classes and fully qualified, professional staff – all designed to make membership as best as it can be.

Here are some of the factors that are important to us as part of our members’ Vitality experience:

A Better work out a local gym

Like many local gyms, our focus on maintaining specific training areas where members can work out easily and conveniently, rather than creating an intimidating or daunting environment. By avoiding the showiness the most large chains seem to prefer, our members get a better work out in the dedicated areas that they prefer without the distractions of a large and noisy environment.

Variety is also key and at Vitality we are constantly introducing new classes to our most popular sessions as well as changing the timetable to meet seasonal trends.  We also seek feedback from our members to find out what we can do to improve their experience, which is why we recently added a spin room.   Corporate gyms don’t really care what members want, they just deliver a standard level of equipment and classes across the board and that’s what members have to live with.

A local gym usually provides a cleaner environment, because most local fitness centre owners tend to take more pride in their facility and want to give their members a clean and healthy gym experience; and that includes well-maintained equipment.

Financial Flexibility

Smaller gyms, not driven by a head office directive, can offer flexibility when it comes to membership deals and contracts (and membership tends to be generally cheaper too).  For example, a local gym can offer member who want to pay for an annual membership in full a decent discount.

What’s more, if a member is moving away, a local gym is more likely to let that person out of their contract without any extra fees or hassle or put the contract on hold if it’s a temporary move.

Similarly, if someone can’t train because they are ill or injured, a gym like Vitality is more than happy to suspend the contract temporarily until the member is ready to return.  In addition, an independent gym can introduce offers and incentives to attract new members at the drop of a hat, without seeking approval from a higher level.

And a local gym can also be flexible when it comes to seasonal offers such as student memberships for the holidays only etc.

The Personal Touch

Since members are more likely to know the people who frequent a local gym, they’ll typically experience a friendlier gym atmosphere than when compared to gyms that are owned by corporations and have hundreds, even thousands of members.  Also, staff who work at a local fitness centre often know members by name, which adds to the enhanced personal gym experience.

As smaller gyms tend to employ their own fitness staff who are on hand to help with advice, guidance and, if required a dedicated training programme.  Many of the larger corporates allow Personal Trainers to pay them a fee to work the floor and badger members into costly training programmes in addition to their membership fee.

The former approach, adopted by many local gyms like Vitality, helps to make members feel more comfortable and increases their chances of getting their desired results.

So what are you waiting for.  Come on down to Vitality Health & Fitness in Port Talbot today for the best gym experience in the area or call us on the number below to find out more:

Local gym

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