Is it better to train at home or in a gym?

gym to train in So you’ve made the momentous decision – you’re going to get fit and shape. The dilemma is whether to invest in the equipment to set up a gym at home or to commit to a membership and train at one of the gyms in Port Talbot or Neath.

There are pro’s and con’s for both options. For example, if you join a gym you will undoubtedly have access to far more equipment than you can fit into your home. This means you will benefit from a full body workout based on a programme set out for you by the gym instructor. What’s more, you are less likely to get bored in gym which can be a very social experience for many people. You may even find someone to train with you which will make the experience even more rewarding.

Benefits of Training in a Port Talbot Gym

As mentioned above, fitness instructors in most gyms will not only teach you how to use the equipment properly but will design a programme for you in line with your goals and objectives. This is particularly important if you haven’t trained in a gym before.

Most gyms also offer a range of classes included in their membership. This option is great because you can mix your gym routine with classes that will complement your usual fitness regime.

On the downside, the cost of gym membership may be prohibitive. Some of the costs of gyms can become a financial burden with high membership fees and annual contracts, with no get out clause. You should look out for a gym to train in, like Vitality in Port Talbot, which offers a variety of pricing options, flexible or short term contracts and extras such as classes in the membership.

It’s also not unusual for some people to be really motivated when they first join the gym but then training sessions start to go down with members making excuses  eg I don’t have enough time to train or the gym is too far away.

Benefits of a Home Gym to Train

The main advantage of investing in a home gym is that you can train whenever you want around your work or family schedule. You don’t have to exercise when the  gym is open. But training at home can be lonely and so you can become de-motivated far more quickly as there are none of the social benefits of a gym when you’re exercising home alone.

What’s more, you will most likely be doing your own thing in your home gym and so may not be doing the exercises or using the equipment correctly. Also if a professional instructor hasn’t put a programme together for you then you could be doing yourself damage rather than good; and you may not be exercising in the right way to achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.

Unlike a gym membership where costs are spread out on a monthly basis, quite a high investment is required up front to set up a home gym, particularly if you are going to do cardio as well as weights and resistance training. It’s also important to purchase high quality equipment to eliminate the risk of injury or constant repairs. On the positive side, once purchased the equipment is yours for life provided you look after it and have the kit serviced regularly.

Your home gym is also more convenient when it comes to training as you don’t have to travel, it is literally on your doorstep. You just need to make sure you have a regular routine, otherwise it can be too tempting to skip the gym session and catch up on the news.

Disadvantages of Home Gyms

There are also a number of disadvantages associated with having a home gym. In addition to the distractions of family etc it is far harder to get into ‘the zone’ when training at home and so you will be less likely to reach your fitness goals.

What’s more, exercise equipment can take up a lot of space. If your home is small, you may not have anywhere suitable to put your equipment or enough room to complete your workouts comfortably. You also need to be sure that the equipment is not accessible to young children. If you have a family, ideally you should work out early in the morning before everybody else wakes up so you can get through your workouts with any distractions.

Deciding between a home or membership gym

People who make a commitment to a gym membership are more likely to stick with their exercise plans for longer and therefore achieve their fitness or weight loss goals. You will also benefit from one-to-one sessions with personal trainers for example in addition to enjoying the social side of gym membership.

On the other hand, a home gym makes it easier for you to train in your own time around your work or family schedule.

When it comes to cost, a gym membership is usually best value for money as you don’t have to pay up front for equipment and the ongoing costs of maintaining the kit.

The ideal option, if you can afford it, is to mix it up a bit and have a gym membership as well as a home gym and enjoy the best of both worlds.

To find out how to get the best out of your gym membership or how to set up a home gym, contact the team at Vitality and they will be more than happy to help with advice and guidance.

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